Top 5 Seafood Restaurants in Brighton

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Seafood Restaurants in Brighton

Brighton is not only celebrated for its pebbled beaches and lively atmosphere but also for its exceptional seafood cuisine. With an abundance of the freshest catches from the sea, Brighton stands as a seafood lover’s paradise. To guide you to the best seafood experiences, we’ve curated a list of the top 5 seafood restaurants in Brighton.

5 seafood restaurants in Brighton - Riddle and Finns

Riddle & Finns

Riddle & Finns is a celebrated institution in the city’s seafood scene. Known for its commitment to serving the freshest and finest seafood in an elegant, intimate setting. Riddle & Finns offers a diverse menu featuring oysters, scallops, lobsters, and more. The restaurant’s impeccable service and high-quality seafood have earned it a well-deserved reputation as a premier seafood destination in Brighton.

5 seafood restaurants in Brighton - English's of Brighton

English’s of Brighton

Established in 1945, English’s of Brighton is a timeless seafood restaurant that has become an integral part of Brighton’s culinary heritage. This restaurant offers a quintessential seafood dining experience, boasting an extensive menu featuring classic favourites and innovative creations. The oyster showcases an impressive selection of oysters from both British and Irish waters. With its timeless charm and top-notch cuisine, English’s is a must-visit for any seafood enthusiast.

The Salt Room

The Salt Room is a modern seafood restaurant that celebrates the best of locally sourced seafood. The menu is a fusion of classic and contemporary dishes, skillfully prepared to enhance the natural flavours of the ocean’s offerings. The restaurant’s chic decor, stunning views, and a menu that showcases the sea’s diversity make The Salt Room a popular choice for both locals and visitors seeking a memorable seafood dining experience.

5 seafood restaurants in Brighton - The Little Fish Market

The Little Fish Market

The Little Fish Market is an intimate and cosy seafood restaurant that proudly holds a Michelin star. Helmed by Chef Duncan Ray and his passionate team, the restaurant offers a seasonal tasting menu that emphasizes the flavours of the sea. The creativity and expertise showcased in each dish make The Little Fish Market a top choice for seafood connoisseurs seeking an extraordinary dining experience in the Brighton vicinity.

The Urchin Brewery & Shellfish Pub

Finally, The Urchin stands as a testament to sustainable seafood dining. As you step into the restaurant, you’re greeted by a cosy yet vibrant ambience, immediately setting the tone for a delightful dining experience. The menu is a seafood lover’s dream, offering a diverse selection of fish dishes and seafood platters. From classic favourites to innovative creations, every choice on the menu is a celebration of the ocean’s flavours. Whether you’re a seafood enthusiast or new to this culinary realm, The Urchin promises a memorable gastronomic journey that respects both your palate and the planet.

Overall, these top 5 seafood restaurants in Brighton exemplify the city’s commitment to delivering exceptional flavours from the sea. Each restaurant offers a unique dining experience, promising a diverse range of seafood delights to satisfy every palate. Dive into the ocean’s treasures and indulge in a seafood experience that Brighton is renowned for.

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