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17 Jubilee Street
East Sussex

The Chilli Pickle

If you’re looking for a culinary adventure, The Chilli Pickle is the perfect destination. Situated in the heart of Brighton, this award-winning restaurant offers a modern twist on authentic Indian cuisine. From mouth-watering chicken lollipops to traditional thali platters, the restaurant has something to suit every taste bud. In this article, we’ll explore the history of the restaurant, the inspiration behind the menu, and some of the must-try dishes. So, let’s dive in and discover the fascinating story behind one of Brighton’s most beloved restaurants.

The History of The Chilli Pickle

The Chilli Pickle, a restaurant founded in 2008 by Alun and Dawn Sperring, is a result of the couple’s passion for Indian cuisine. During his culinary adventure across India, Alun fell in love with the vibrant flavours and spices of Indian cuisine. He had trained under Michelin-starred chefs in London. After moving to Brighton, the couple saw an opportunity to bring their love of Indian food to the seaside town. The restaurant quickly gained a reputation for its innovative approach to traditional Indian dishes. In 2011, The Chilli Pickle was named the Best Local Restaurant in Brighton at the Brighton and Hove Food and Drink Awards, and has since received numerous accolades, including a Bib Gourmand from the Michelin Guide.

The Menu at The Chilli Pickle

The menu at The Chilli Pickle is a true reflection of Alun’s extensive travels across India and his unwavering passion for sourcing the freshest and highest quality ingredients. The chefs at the restaurant tirelessly work to create innovative dishes that showcase the diverse range of Indian cuisine.

Among the must-try dishes on the menu, the chicken lollipops stand out as a favourite. These lollipops are marinated in a spicy mixture of ginger, garlic, and chilli before being deep-fried to perfection. In addition to the lollipops, the dosas are also incredibly popular. Made from fermented rice and lentil batter, they are filled with a variety of delicious fillings such as potato masala and paneer. And if you’re in the mood to try a range of dishes, then the thali platter is the perfect option for you. This traditional Indian meal comprises small dishes, including curries, dals, and bread, served on a large metal plate. So, whether you’re in the mood for something spicy or mild, vegetarian or non-vegetarian, the menu at The Chilli Pickle has something to suit every taste bud.

The Atmosphere at The Chilli Pickle

The Chilli Pickle has a cosy and welcoming atmosphere that is perfect for a night out with friends or a romantic dinner for two. Additionally, the interior of the restaurant is decorated with vibrant colours and Indian-inspired artwork, creating a warm and inviting ambiance.

Moreover, the staff at the restaurant are incredibly knowledgeable about the menu and are always happy to make recommendations. Furthermore, whether you’re a seasoned Indian food lover or a first-time visitor, you’ll feel right at home. Therefore, if you’re looking for a restaurant that provides exceptional service and an authentic Indian dining experience, The Chilli Pickle is definitely the place to be.


In conclusion, The Chilli Pickle is undoubtedly a must-visit restaurant for anyone who has a deep love for Indian cuisine. Its innovative menu, warm and welcoming atmosphere, and award-winning reputation make it one of the most popular restaurants in Brighton. Therefore, the next time you’re in town, you must stop by and experience the flavours of India at The Chilli Pickle.

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Opening Hours:
Wednesday – Saturday, 12pm – 9:30pm.
Sunday, 12.30pm – 8.30pm.


The building is located on Jubilee Street, in the heart of Brighton’s North Laine neighbourhood, surrounded by independent shops and cafes.